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There are three general categories of documents maintained on our website.

The first are documents associated with the Board of Director.  The Board of Directors meets the last Monday of each month.  Regularly scheduled meetings are open to all Community members.  At each Board meeting time is set aside to allow Community members to speak.  Board meetings are held in person and also simultaneously on Zoom.  Notice is given to Community members of  an upcoming Board meeting at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting.  As a Community member you can review the regular session Board agenda prior to a meeting and/or review the minutes of each Board meeting after they are approved at the following Board meeting.

The second category relates to financial documents.  Our Bylaws requires the Board  to prepare an annual budget for each fiscal year. As part of the budget process, the Board sets the assessment rate for the following year.  You, as a Community member, can monitor the finances status of our Association.

The third category of documents are our community documents.  This category of documents includes our governing documents, architectural guidelines, Board policies, community forms, and our newsletters.

Member of the general public may have access to our governance documents and latest newsletter only.  Residents will be required to log in to review all other documents on the website.