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In October 2023, the Association contracted with Aqua Trac Systems to create a long-term water conservation and management plan. In January 2024, Aqua Trac Systems submitted the Water Conservation Plan. On February 13, 2024, Aqua Trac Systems presented their findings to the Board during a special general meeting. Why was this action taken? The Arizona Department of Water Resources will be implementing its 5th Water Management plan on January 1, 2025. It will require more restrictive use of groundwater. For example, the Association’s current water allotment for the common areas is 6.347 million gallons. In 2025, our water allotment for the common areas will be reduced to 4.023 million gallons. The Board is currently working on a water policy and an action plan to implement the policy. When those have been completed they will be posted. The Aqua Trac System report is posted for your review.¬† Part of the water management plan, which must be submitted to the City of Glendale, includes homeowner education for water usage in their homes. Check out the 100+ water saving tips. You can also sign up to receive monthly reminders on watering levels for you vegetation at your residence. More information will be forthcoming on how homeowners can save on their water usage.

Association Water Policy

Association Action Plan 2024 – 2025

Aqua Trac Report

Water Conservation Plan

Findings of Irrigation Audit

Controller and Station Maps

Drought Tolerant Plants

PowerPoint Presentation

100+ Water-Saving Tips

Text  WHENTOWATER to 844-416-1428 and the Arizona Municipal Water Users Association will send you a free outdoor watering monthly reminder .